Escape Room Valentines

Have you ever thought of playing an escape room for a first date? Sure, being locked in a room for an hour with someone you’re not sure if you’re interested in like that can be a little intimidating, but there are a myriad of reasons to make an escape room your first choice for first dates.

For starters, you won’t necessarily have to be alone. Whether you’re worried about stagnant conversation or would just prefer to be around other people, you can find an escape room that you can invite other friends to: like your best friend Jill who is really good at puzzles but really bad at setting you up on dates. There will be friends (or other strangers, depending on the game) to make you feel less isolated. In fact, make it a double- or triple-date and everyone will be in the same boat!

Game Masters are excellent wing-people. We can spot a budding romance a mile away and there’s nothing we like more than watching the drama unfold before our eyes. Are you really into her? We know how to make you look super smart like you just solved the hardest puzzle on your own. Not really into him? Zoltar can make him do push-ups for hints. It’s an untold truth that game mastering an escape room is like watching a bunch of hour-long telenovelas all day long. In fact, someone should totally get on with making an escape room soap opera.

Another reason to play an escape room for your first date? You’ll have something to do. You’re not just sitting at a movie wishing you could make a snarky comment (or trying not to tear up at The Lego Movie); you’re taking part in the action. You have puzzles to solve, tasks to complete, doors to open! You’ll be amazed at how quickly time goes by when you’re laughing, joking, solving puzzles, or accusing your date of stealing your points in The Psych Ward.

If you’re still not convinced that an escape room is the right choice for your first date, take a look at these valentine’s cards. There’s no way you can deny escape room puns!

Although we will be closed this Valentine’s day, you can still get your date a Cross Roads Escape Games gift card to use on a future game. Trust me, you’ll never forget a date like this.

Geoff Durham
Game Master, Manager, Basically Cupid
Cross Roads Escape Games