Singles Night: Feb. 14th

Have you ever wanted to play one of our games, but didn’t have a large enough group to meet the minimum? Join us on Friday, Feb. 14th, 2020 for Singles night! One night only, all of our games will be public bookings! Meet some new friends and enjoy a night of escaping. 

What is Singles Night?

A one night only event where all our games are public bookings. Normally, our bookings are private, meaning it will only be you and your friends in the game and a minimum number of tickets must be purchased per group. But for Singles Night, all our games are public bookings, meaning you can purchase one or more ticket and join a group with other players you may not know. 

When is Singles Night?

Friday, February 14th, 2020 from 4pm-10pm. Booking must be made in advance on our website. 

Do you have to be single to come?

Nope! We are just calling it singles night because it is the first time we are allowing single person admission tickets, instead of having to reserve the whole game. It’s a great night to come and meet new people and find your newest escape team!

What game should I play?

The Hex Room and The Psych Ward require a minimum of 5 players. And The Fun House requires a minimum of 4 players. We know how challenging it can be to get all your friends together on the same night, so this is a great chance to play any of 3 great games! And with new updates coming to The Hex Room this Summer, if you haven’t played or escaped, this is a great chance to play before it changes! 

What if not enough people book for the time slot I want?

Please be aware that our minimum player requirement of 5 is still needed to play The Hex Room and The Psych Ward. If the minimum requirement is not met we will give you a call an hour before your game and issue a full refund. We can not guarantee enough players will be present for the game you book.

Will you be holding singles night again?

Depending on how well this Singles Night goes, we may have another public booking night in the future. We recommending booking for this upcoming singles night, just incase!