FAQ: In Depth Answers

If you are reading this, then you have probably already looked over our FAQ and have a few more questions that you might want some clarification on. Here are some of the questions that we get asked on a day to day basis.

Player Limits?

The two rooms have different maximum player capacities based on the size of the rooms. For the Fun House we can accommodate 4 – 8 players at once. For the Hex Room we can accommodate up to 5 – 10 players at once. Both rooms were designed for approximately six players, but we can have up to 8 in the Fun House and 10 in the Hex.

This last statement is important to note. When people see that the maximum is 8 or 10, and the minimums are 4 and 5, they always seem to ask one of two questions. Can we have more than the maximum or can we have less than the minimum?

Can we play with more?

No, the maximum player limit is very strict. We get asked a lot if we could fit “just one more” person into the game, and the maximum listed is our cut off point. With more than the maximum number of players, the game becomes cramped and chaotic. It’s a perfect example of “too many cooks in the kitchen.”

We are dedicated to bringing you the best escape room experience and our maximums are in place to make sure you get the best experience possible.

Can we play with less?

For the Hex Room, no. Five players are needed in order for the game to be playable. Because each person is split into their own separate room in the beginning, you MUST have at least 5 players; as there are clues in each room that will be important to solving puzzles and escaping.

As for the Fun House, yes! You can play with less than four players. However, since the Fun House is a private game, you must pay for the minimum number of tickets, which is 4, in order to reserve the room. In the Fun House, everyone starts in the same room and there is A LOT of puzzles to solve, which is why we suggest you bring at least 4 people to tackle this room.

How do you accommodate groups larger than 18?

Since the maximum for the Hex Room is 10 and the maximum for the Fun House is 8… what can we do to accommodate large groups of more than 18 people? Since we cannot have more than the maximum number of players in either room we can run multiple games back to back.

For large groups up to 36 players we recommend renting out our private lounge for 18 people to wait in while the other 18 people are inside the game, and switch when the first games are over.

Do you have actors in either room?

Neither of our rooms have actors in them. You will have a game master watching you the entire time, but they will not be in the room with you.

What is the difference between Fun House and Fun House for Kids?

The difficulty levels. In the Kids version, we take out some of the more complicated puzzles and replace them with a few puzzles that are a bit more straight forward and hands on. It is a great room for children that are looking to become young escape enthusiasts!

Which room is better?

I get this question at least twice a day. My answer is always this. It is a matter of taste. Both rooms are fun and immersive experiences, but they have different themes. The Hex Room is a dark and sinister experience that is intense and thrilling. Whereas the Fun House is a very light-hearted experience that is humorous and whimsical. Do you want to try and escape a crazed killer that is obsessed with horror movies or do you want to put up with the AMAZING Zoltar and all of his silly antics as you try to prove yourselves worthy magicians? The choice is yours and, honestly, as far as I’m concerned you can’t go wrong with either one!

Jason Sakal
Game Master and Manager
Cross Roads Escape Games