The Psych Ward Playbill

The Psych Ward has been two years in the making and it could not have been finished if it was not for the amazingly talented team we had behind us. A huge shout out goes to the team at Diablo Sound, who came to our rescue and got us to the finish line. They also provided us with the hilarious, hardworking, and amazing programmer Fernando Vasquez, who we can not thank enough. He listened to all our crazy ideas and made them come to life. The Psych Ward would not exist if not for him.

I also want to give a huge thank you to Lauren Orgill who came almost every day and did any odd job asked of her. We also would not have been able to complete this game if it was not for her wonderful ideas, support, and constant help.

This game took a lot of hard work and long hours, and we want everyone to be recognized for the great work that they did. Thank you again for everything! We did it!


Game Design by Madison and Luke Rhoades

The amazing team at Diablo Sound with special thanks to Fernando Vasquez
Kevin Resler

Sound Design by Dan Waldkirch

Videos Directed and Edited by Geoff Durham
Cinematography and Video Graphics by Zach Dahm

Gary Lee Reed- Dr. Griffin

Lindsey Alterman- Patient
Vincent Catalina- Patient
Brian Corbitt- Doctor
Susan DeCenzo- Woman
Bob Glouberman- Doctor
Tommy Honton- Man
Jordan Laemmlen- Man in Park
Ian Momii- Doctor
Blake Orgill- Doctor
Lauren Orgill- Doctor
Jessica Patow– Patient
Matt Rhoades- Doctor
Ruth Rhoades- Patient
Bradley Roa- Patient
Edwin Tactay- Doctor
Justin Tuthill- Patient
Morgan Walton- Patient
Jessie Wise– Voice Over

Costumes by Lauren Orgill

Set Design and Scenic Painting by Madison Rhoades

Scenic Construction by Luke Rhoades

Construction Crew:
Luke Rhoades, Madison Rhoades, Lauren Orgill, Blake Orgill, and Matt Rhoades.

Syringe Fabricated by Proficia

Score Board Fabricated by Raptor House Effects

Lights Fabricated by Union Digital

Everett Arce, Mellanie Urquiza, and Alexandra Felix

Special thanks:
Fernando Vasquez, Drew Dalzell, Fionnegan Murphy, Noelle Hoffman, Brittany Cobb, Lauren Orgill, Blake Orgill, Jason Sakal, Zach Dahm, Geoff Durham, Donnie Buckingham, Jose Mendoza, Kerri Hellmuth, Sara Strain,  Ruth Rhoades, Theresa Rhoades, Tony Croupe, Liz Croupe, Marissa Bergman, and Cooper Floors.