What We Learn From Kids In An Escape Room

Cross Roads Escape Games is one of the few escape rooms in Southern California that has a game specially designed for kids! We find it shocking that more escape rooms don’t cater to kids because they are GREAT at escape rooms!

Adults have a way of overcomplicating a simple puzzle. We see this all the time in Fun House KIDS where adults will get stuck on a problem and overthink a very simple answer. Often times, when kids are correct, adults shoot down their idea and try to rationalize a much more complicated solution. Here are some of the things we have learned from kids that adults should learn too.

#5 Be open to weird ideas

Escape rooms are often full of crazy scenarios that have you doing things you would never be doing in real life; that is why we love them. Kids are great at coming up with creative problem solving and it usually works! Be creative in an escape room and let yourself be open to the most ridiculous ideas. Even if it is not 100% right, it might at least get you started on the right track. It is always worth a try!

#4 Don’t get stuck on one idea

We see this a lot in The Hex Room, where someone will try what they think is the right answer and a lock won’t open so they will give up. Try thinking of new ideas! Don’t get discouraged, normally you are just overlooking something obvious.

#3 Don’t get frustrated- ask for help

In a Fun House KIDS game, kids love talking to Zoltar, who is a magical talking painting that can provide guidance in the game. If you are stumped on a puzzle, there’s no shame in asking for help from either your group or your game master. Escape rooms should be fun, so if you find yourself not having fun, ask for a hint and move past it so you can start having fun again!

#2 Don’t overthink

True story: An adult got a random bunch of letters with no order and started turning those letters into numbers based on their placement in the alphabet. They then started comparing pictures that had that number of people in the picture to the letter on the block. This is overthinking. Meanwhile, as an adult is doing all this, a kid comes along to use the letters to spell out a common word. When there seems to be no connection between one clue to another and you are mixing your own hunch in there, you are overthinking it. Kids are great at taking the information they have been given and connecting the dots without using any outside knowledge.

#1 Your main goal is to have fun

Adults can become competitive and want to race the clock and make the leaderboard, but often times they blow through a room and end up missing all the fun and funny moments. Remember that you are here to have fun. Soak in the atmosphere, play with the cool props, step back and watch your friends solve a puzzle, remember that you are here to have fun.

Do you play escape rooms with your kids? What are some valuable lessons they’ve taught you that we all could learn from? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook!