The Leprechaun’s Challenge

Help us end the curse! A Leprechaun played one of our games and didn’t escape. He was so upset that he cursed us to wear tiny hats for the rest of our lives. The only way we can end the curse is to find a group clever enough to escape our games with all 20 of his gold coins. Please help us! If you can find them and escape either The Fun House, The Hex Room, or The Psych Ward, we will repay you with some great discounts to use on your next game!

What you could win:

10-14 coins and escape: 10% off discount
15-17 coins and escape: 25% off discount
18-19 coins and escape: 50% off discount
All 20 coins and escape: 100% off discount

Games must be played between 3/16/22-3/20/22. Winning discount codes are valid for 1 year.

Oh no! Geoff is cursed with wearing a tiny hat! Will you help him?