Summer Is Coming

Hello again, dear reader. T’is I, Zoltar the Great, the Seer of Secrets, Solver of Locks, Knower of Unknowns, and today I am your guide to staying inside!

            Now you may have realized that our winter is coming to an end and summer is nearly upon us. The temperature is rising, and the children are no longer held at bay by their educational overlord. This means that we must, once again, face the question of what to do with our summer break.

            The days are growing longer and hotter and many people are looking to escape rooms to help them beat the heat. And why wouldn’t they? Escape Rooms are a fun and immersive way to challenge your brain while enjoying the cool, relaxing comfort of modern-day air conditioning. If you worry about your flawless complexion as I do and are looking to get away from the deadly laser that is the sun, then come on down to Cross Roads Escape Games.

            We have three exciting games here that can be played by enthusiasts of different ages. If you are 16 years or older, and you are feeling particularly brave, you can try our Hex Room where your wits and bravery will be put to the test! If you are 14 years or older, then you can attempt to assist Dr. Griffin in his mind-bending new experiment in the Psych Ward. And of course, if neither of those rooms fit your needs, then we have the one and only Fun House! The Fun House is a game for all ages, but we recommend the adult version for those that are 13 years or older. If your magician youths are under 13, then we do have the Fun House for Kids where we change some of the puzzles around to make them a more appropriate test for those who are younger than most!

            So why burn in the heat like one of the common clowns when you can thrill yourself and test your wits like the marvelous magicians that you are? And if you walk away with only one piece of information that you remember from this, then let it be this… Outside is hot and full of terrors! I should know: I’m a painting!

Till next time dear reader. Stay Cool.

Zoltar the Great, Amateur Meteorologist, Fortune Teller, and Avid Indoor Dweller