Total Immersion: Integrated Hint Systems

Escape rooms have been gaining popularity in America for the past couple years. As they become more popular, they evolve to be more eye-catching, more state-of-the-art, and more immersive. One of the simplest ways to make an escape room immersive is with an integrated hint system.

I have played quite a few escape rooms and in doing so, I have encountered many different types of hint systems. From television screens to notes slipped under a door, each hint system brings its own thing to the experience. What I believe is the most important element to the hint system, is how well it fits into the room.

There are plenty of small ways to take common hint systems and make them fit into a room of any theme. Aging paper instantly makes a note slipped under the door a more interesting and impressive. A picture frame around a television screen transforms modern technology into something more believably vintage. A coat of paint and some spare clock parts suddenly turns a walkie-talkie into a steampunk communication device.

With an integrated hint system, there is no need to break the willful suspension of disbelief. The players can continue to exist in the world of the escape room for the entire game. One of the things that sets Cross Roads Escape Games apart from other escape room companies is its commitment to immersion. Our rooms employ hints systems designed to fit seamlessly into the world of the game. The Fun House utilizes a silly and mischievous enchanted painting that will offer help in exchange for compliments or amusing tricks. The Hex Room incorporates a literal game of telephone where one character must pass along help to the other characters in the game.

If you are planning on building an escape room, don’t forget to take these small details into account. Figure out a hint system that works for your story, your theme, and your staff. There are many different types of hint systems that I’ve encountered, and perhaps you can even find a new way to keep your players completely immersed in the world of the escape room.

Geoff Durham
Manager, Game Master
Cross Roads Escape Games