Family Escape Rooms

Greetings and salutations dear readers. ‘Tis I, Zoltar the great, the seer of secrets, knower of unknowns, and your guide to a great holiday escape.

Are you wracking your brain trying to think of activities to keep the family happy while they are visiting? Do you want to be the cool mom or dad that takes the family to try something new this week? Well worry not, dear reader, your friend Zoltar has you covered! After all, it can be incredibly difficult to find an activity that everyone can enjoy doing together. The Fun House is a perfect blend of challenging mental puzzles, wacky antics, and good clean family humor. The Fun House is guaranteed to be the hip new outing that you’ve been looking for.

We have two versions of the game, making it versatile for any age ranges. If you “grown-ups” are looking for great fun and good laughs, then we can set the game to challenge even the wittiest of you. However, if you are bringing a bunch of youngster magicians into the room, then we can alter the game to our Fun House KIDS version! We are happy to be one of the only SoCal escape rooms that caters to groups of all ages.

In the Kids version we take out some of the more complicated puzzles and replace them with puzzles that are more appropriate for those under the age of 12, as well as adding in a scavenger hunt! So, keep an eye out for those carnival tokens when you are in the room!

You see dear reader, here at Cross Roads Escape Games we are dedicated to making your experience as thrilling as possible. And if you are feeling a bit more daring, then you can check out our Hex Room! But remember that room is for ages 16 and up.

Till next time dear reader.
-Zoltar the Great