Confessions of a Game Master: My Favorite Memory

Confessions of a Game Master has finally returned!  January 15th marks Cross Roads Escape Games’ 4thbirthday and to celebrate, we thought we would ask our game masters to reflect on their time here.

I have been at Cross Roads Escape Games since December 2016, where I started out as a game master. Many things have changed over the years, including updates to The Hex Room, the opening of the genre-bending The Psych Ward, the invention of the 10-minute mini escape game The Box, and the introduction of the interactive theatre production of The Séance.

One thing that drew me to Cross Roads to begin with was the quality and groundbreaking nature of The Hex Room. I first played (and escaped) in March of 2016 and was an instant fan. Once I started working here, I got to see first-hand the passion and dedication they give to their games. Luke and Madison are committed to providing fully-immersive, memorable experiences that push the boundaries of what an escape room can be. I look forward to whatever madness they may come up with next.

In this month’s Confessions of a Game Master, we asked our game masters what their favorite memory of Cross Roads was and what they looked forward to in Cross Roads’ future. Take a look!

It was hard for me to choose a favorite memory; Between playing escape rooms with the crew, Christmas board game parties, and funny interactions with players, I sure had a lot to choose from. But ultimately, I think what makes Cross Roads so special to me is all the game masters I’ve gotten to work with throughout the years.

Do you have a favorite memory from Cross Roads? We’d love to hear it! Let us know in the comments below or let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Geoff Durham

Game Master, Manager, Birthday Party Master of Ceremonies

Cross Roads Escape Games