What Your Hex Room Character Says About You

Good! So, you’ve taken our online personality test! But do you know what it means to be a Jock, Nerd, Virgin, Rebel, Prom Queen, or a Detective? In case you haven’t watched as many horror movies as we have, here is some information on what your horror movie stereotype says about you and how you can best live up to your role within your very own horror movie. It’s basically a mood ring, but instead of colors, it’s made of archetypes!


The Detective is the person who has enough rapport with everyone to actually get them to listen to what they say. They are great listeners and when people talk, they pay close attention. However, the Detective usually spends most of their time trying to keep the other characters alive instead of actually solving the mystery.

  • Has the highest chance of being killed while helping another character.
  • PROS: Great communicator, great multitasker, good puzzle solver.
  • CONS: High responsibility, so much paperwork, dresses like they’re in the 70s.
  • EXAMPLES: Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) in The Wicker Man (1973); Dewey Riley (David Arquette) in Scream (1996).



The rebel is known for doing rebellious things (who would have guessed it). This leads many of the other characters into thinking that they are more prepared for the horror movie than they actually are. I mean, if they are already used to doing crazy things, how much harder can it be to try and fight for your life against an insane serial killer… right? They are independent and don’t ask for other characters help, usually to their own dismay.

  • Has the highest chance of being killed after separating from the group.
  • PROS: Thinks outside the box, focused, outside observer.
  • CONS: Not really a team player, probably has a tragic backstory.
  • EXAMPLES: Marty (Fran Kranz) in Cabin in the Woods (2012); Taryn White (Jennifer Rubin) in Nightmare on Elm Street III (1987).



Probably the only person in the group that voted against the rest of their team’s decision of leader of the group. Most likely, they voted for themselves. Plays enough sports to think that they are good at everything.

  • Highest chance of suggesting the group split up to search for clues. Probably dies shortly after.
  • PROS: Brave, protective, loyal.
  • CONS: Can’t easily change their mind, relies on strength over brains, has to ask Coach for permission.
  • EXAMPLES: Glen Lantz (Johnny Depp) in Nightmare on Elm Street (1984); Curt (Chris Hemsworth) in Cabin in the Woods (2012).



Has watched the most movies, horror or otherwise, of any of the other players in the group. They remember small bits of information from each movie, quotes and factoids mostly, and they are happy to tell people this information

  • Highest chance to be killed right as he figures out some piece of vital information.
  • PROS: Observant, good memory, planner, book smart.
  • CONS: Nobody listens to them until it’s too late, loses their glasses like way too much. Seriously, get contacts.
  • EXAMPLES: Randy (Jamie Kennedy) in Scream (1996).


Prom Queen

Probably showed up to the escape room late or right on time. Also, is most likely to have read the question “how many people have you kissed?” and asked if they have to answer that question.

  • Highest chance of dying after saying the words “Hello? Is anyone there?”
  • PROS: Driven, confident, has small group of close friends.
  • CONS: Can get caught up on appearances, trust issues, can’t run in heels.
  • EXAMPLES: Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997).



The person that was brought along because everyone actually likes them. This being said, the virgin is most likely to be the one that is too afraid to fill out the questionnaire fully. They will leave answers blank in hopes that if they don’t admit to having fears, that they won’t have to deal with anything scary. Most likely to have not realized that the Hex Room is a horror themed escape room when they were invited/when they booked the room.

  • Highest chance of surviving the ordeal only to drag a new group of friends into the sequels!
  • PROS: Sweet, friendly, avid reader.
  • CONS: Too trusting, prone to being sacrificed, is going to suffer.
  • EXAMPLES: Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in Halloween (1978); Sally (Marilyn Burns) in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974).

Keep in mind, being the Virgin doesn’t guarantee you are the “Final Girl,” a common horror movie trope pertaining to the last remaining victim of a horror movie. After all, remember Sigourney Weaver’s wise words from Cabin in the Woods: “It doesn’t matter if the virgin lives or dies, as long as she suffers.”

After taking this personality quiz, we are sure you will better know yourself and be better prepared for surviving a horror film. Want to put your new understanding of self to the test? Get your most trusted group of friends together and enter The Hex Room.

Jason Sakal
Game Master and Manager
Cross Roads Escape Games