The Future of The Séance

The Séance is an interactive theatre experience written and directed by Madison Rhoades, and ran from Oct. 3rd– Nov. 23rd. We had a total of 182 shows and 1,148 audience members attend! It was a lot of fun while it lasted, and it was hard to say goodbye after an additional 3 week extension but all good things must come to an end… or do they?

The Séance was designed to be an experience that could be easily altered and remounted again in a historical location. We are reaching out to historical societies across the nation in hopes that The Séance comes back again this year with a new home! If you know a location that could be a good fit for this show, please let us know!

The production is easily changeable to suit a historical location without causing damage to the existing structure. It would be great to work with historical societies, museums, theaters, and non-profit organizationsto help bring in revenue.  Participants will learn the history of the location, learn how ghost hunting tools work, perform a séance, and get to explore the space in organized small groups. During their experience they will stumble upon a mystery to solve that will reveal deeper secrets.

The Séance allowed audience members to feel like they were part of a real-life ghost adventure where they got to experience theatrical paranormal events. They were given clear goals and challenges to overcome as a team, and are were able to interact with the performers and their surroundings to progress the story forward.  

We received amazing reviews from press, including:, Sinful Celluloid, The Haunt Girl, Nightmarish Conjurings,, Gaming Shogun, Media Geeks, No Proscenium, The Scare Zone, Just Horror Stuff, Westcoaster, Halloween Every Night, Hollywood Gothique, Nerd Reactor, Creepy Kingdom, and Enjoy Orange County. Here are a few quotes:

“This is definitely a must-see show, do not miss it!”

“The other thing I really loved about this experience was that it wasn’t an escape room but instead an immersive experience that implemented escape room elements.”

-Nightmarish Conjurings

“The Séance is an outstanding immersive horror experience with just enough spooks for veteran haunters while at the same time not being too extreme for newbies.” -Gaming Shogun

“The cast, the special effects, the story, and the general experience had by the guests was superb and I can’t recommend this experience enough.
-Just Horror Stuff

The Séance has been designed to work seamlessly with historical buildings, allowing for adjustment to the story, number of participants, and show flow to easily adapt to where this event finds a home. We can offer a variety of services from creating a custom interactive paranormal show that best fits your location, to remounting our 2019 show The Séance, or selling The Séance script for your company to produce, run, and create yourself.

With experience in designing, writing, directing, operating, and building, we are able to take on as many or as few positions as required for the run of your production.

If you are interested in having The Séance, or a similar interactive theatre show at your location please contact