Confessions of a Game Master: Escape Rooms with Family

Welcome back to Confessions of a Game Master, your inside look at the minds of the men and women running your games. This month, we ask our game masters to tell us about a time they played an escape room with their family.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to do with your family, taking them to an escape room is a great idea! It’s a way to get people of all ages to have fun, interact, and use their minds. It is an interactive experience that will keep the group active, but at the same time not be physically demanding (depending on the game, of course) and nobody will spend the whole time with their eyes glued to a cellphone screen. It’s a time to be present, together. To read a little more and for tips on how to choose the best escape room for your family, check out my previous blog here.

My family loves to play games and put together puzzles when we get together for the holidays, so it was only natural that we should graduate to playing escape rooms as well. I know that we’ve all made lasting memories while getting to be active and use our minds. This holiday season, I hope you get to do something memorable and extraordinary with your family.

Tell us about a time you’ve played an escape room with your family! Why do you think playing an escape room is great idea for a night out? We’d love to hear from you here or on Facebook!

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Geoff Durham
Manager, Game Master
Cross Roads Escape Games